A Personal Biography

It was a rock 'n roll Enya sort of day on the eve of the year 1256. A record heatwave was vacationing off the south coast of Africa while a rather stylish bunch of rabid kangaroos were staging a coux on the then thought tropical territories later to be known as Alaska. Although hard to believe, this was all taking place in a rusty snowglobe purchased by my aunt the last time she travelled through the Grand Canyon. What this has to do with me however, I have absolutely no idea!?!


My Life in a (wal)Nutshell

From what I remember, or more precisely, what I've been told... I was born in Portland, Oregon somewhere early in the morning on June 1st, 1975. A Gemini with self-confirmed dual personalities under the year of the Rabbit. A year or two later we moved out of the thriving metropolis and into the suburbs... a small house in a small cul-de-sac in Gresham. My sister Carrie was born somewhere around this time. For four years we lived amongst wonderful friends (mine being my neighbor Freida) until we again packed up and moved to Warrenton, a small town outside of Astoria, Oregon. In Warrenton my parents purchased a small grocery to try their hands at big business. For me it meant free candy bars and 25 cent (which incidentally is what I was paid to unload an entire truckload of cherry crates) arcade games of Galaxia. There I was witness to the wrath of the 1980 Mount Saint Helens eruption and remember being amazed at how the inch thick ash disappeared as I squirted it with my Tom & Jerry squirt gun. My sister and I were almost smashed by a truck too - it lost it's brakes and decided to use the front of our store as an emergency brake - we moved out of the way only seconds before. My other sister, and last sibling, Bonnie was born here before we moved on to a bigger and better state... the state of Washington (sorry Oregonians, but I live here now so I am a tad bit biased =).

More to come...

The person who says it can't be done should not interrupt the person doing it. - Chinese Proverb