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 Love & 05

 The Moon & the Sun (part 1) 06

 The Moon & the Sun (part 2) 06

 At the Rockfish on a Wednesday 07

 Contemplating Sarah (to the other side of the world) 08

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 Poetry from the Road (Volume 1) 11

- page 01 -


Yesterday it seemed like tomorrow was so far away -
But it always seems to feel that way.
Now it's today and yesterday seems like it was tomorrow.

- it all seems the same -

I've realized I much prefer doing things on the spur of the moment.
Even if it's the same thing everytime.

- redundency can bring creation -

Maybe it's just the uncertainty - who knows?!?
Maybe I just can't commit.

- page 02 -

On my parents front porch in the state of Texas

I sit in the sun - it's windy, I feel good, but only for a fleeting moment. I realize this comes from a memory in my past.

The dead leaves are lifeless but fly with intense vigor. Today, right now, they are alive. Nostalgia creeps up on even the most cynical - today I'm not cynical - listen to the wind - do you hear it? Fighting back, protesting, it strikes blows.

Those poor trees!

Why is it so mad? Perhaps today the wind is feeling cynical and has felt that moment of fleeting nostalgia... or perhaps it's simply nature.

Have you ever seen a leaf roll? Right now I see a lot of them - they think they are wheels. The trees don't seem to mind - maybe a little sad - they were once friends but have long since departed. I think they still like to watch - it seems to amuse them - makes them smile. I hope they can hold onto the feeling.

- page 03 -


A lone snowflake fell,

spinning round and around,

tumbling this and that, upside down.

These tired eyes,

fell upon this particular piece of snow...

as the wind picked up and started to blow.

Transfixed with beauty,

its astonishing grace...

I watched as it left me, leaving no trace.

Now my eyes are too heavy,

life too much to take...

excuse me, my reader, while I join my snowflake.

- page 04 -

Love & Hate

The dichotomy of love and hate...

confusion, deliver me into something which sits in-between.

Ahh, he says, but is there such a thing?

Is it possible they are one and the same?

This might seem like a bold statement to you, reader, maybe even a bit pessimistic.

But think about it!?!

Who is this confusion that delivers?

Who is this person that speaks the wisdom?

If you ask me, I think it's you!

- page 05 -

The Moon & The Sun

...part 1...

The moon is my heart
- today -
as it sinks over the horizon
- tomorrow -
my heart is the sun.

...part 2...

I have a car, it doesn't go far.
A mind like an onion, a million layers strong.
Tomorrow my heart will soar.
It sits in the driveway,
- under the moon -
waiting for it's ticket to the sun.

- page 06 -

At the Rockfish on a Wednesday afternoon

I sit and look at everything around me
and it seems that today is moving slow.

Hands wash a glass window methodically,
not as if it were empty,
but full from the other side looking out.

Full because the headless hand only sees what it wants to see... looking in.

Sometimes we seem too concerned with what's hiding behind the door,
rather than what's waiting on the outside:

which in this case happens to be me!

- page 07 -

Contemplating Sarah (to the other side of the world)
written for a friend

I look around and find that I am lost, yet I have been here before.
Somehow this place looks different and my comfort is gone.

- no more -

I ponder what to do - sit in my head - but nothing really seems to make sense.
Coming is going and I seem to be right back where I started.

- in the circle lies a straight line -

Time is not infinite and the sky is crying to be found.
I'm here, but everywhere at the same moment - suddenly I am not feeling so sad.

for I can be and do
whatever it is
I set my mind to!

- page 08 -

She Dances

Far away she dances

tapping her feet so gently

upon the glowing embers

of a burned out star.

Wanderlust draws her near

spreading her wings she will fly.

Soaring the wind - the love in her heart

to where the seas cry.

- page 09 -


- people running here and there, but never getting anywhere -

clutter is the mind wasteful which is sort of an oxymoron

- more for less, or more is less - it's the simple mind spectacular -

which is not to say that we should give up all that is complicated
but maybe clean house a little
settle on a peaceful state of mind - a peaceful place in time
my mind is expanding with the things I am leaving behind

simply an afterthought? or maybe a state of mind!?!

- page 10 -

Poetry From The Road Series - Volume 1


Here I sit, drifting in and out of a lonliness -
but the kind of lonliness that is there to keep you company.
Nothing too familiar is awaiting my gaze... only sits...
...and waits...
like me - outside of the sun - waiting to be let back in.




some people will never change
locked into a life that is living them
no way out but ahead and the dreams of a past lest forgotten
it only takes one decision
- to the left -
- to the right -
dream of the greener grass my friends & break free
for it's only a fence and it's easy to climb over or under


You are able to move, dance in the wind...
yet your backdrop is stone.

Is this the way it should be?

Dazzle, sparkle, & shine - throwing the light this way and that.

- you are young -
- showing off -

The stone once moved too, you know!


The day that I didn't care, everything seemed to live in a dream.
Have you ever seen an apple that was orange?
I have.
But oranges are apples and today I feel fine.
I wouldn't mind hiding behind that wall, but it's actually only a long line of toothpaste stream.
If I wanted clean teeth I would be in a world all my own... like that guy!
Look at that smile - rivals the sun - such a brilliant persona - a God!
Would the moon be jealous - or is it just me?


My legs are the tree trunks consumed by minds fire.
A prophet, a wiseman - spurred on by desire.
My thoughts piercing bullets with nothing concealed -
All losing their meaning as I cease turning the wheels.


You hide behind your veil of distance, ready to make an appearance.
An enigma with a hint of truth - too much - I'm here.

I'm waiting!

It's me though - I've created this beautiful tension - I've kept you waiting.

I've kept the world waiting.

But the world can wait... will wait...
You I hold too much respect, you I will see - soon - together!

- we dance our words -

Under the same sultry moon.


I liked it when
we danced our words
meant everything and implied nothing
about our feelings with the ones we loved
we too could be happy!


Hours & hours
of nothingness
and my mind wanders -

Great things are afloat
as I'm whisked away to the Eat Beef capitol of the world.

- page 11 -
All poetry written and copyrighted © 2005 by Stephen C. Starr