On my parents front porch in the state of Texas

I sit in the sun - it's windy, I feel good, but only for a fleeting moment. I realize this comes from a memory in my past.

The dead leaves are lifeless but fly with intense vigor. Today, right now, they are alive. Nostalgia creeps up on even the most cynical - today I'm not cynical - listen to the wind - do you hear it? Fighting back, protesting, it strikes blows.

Those poor trees!

Why is it so mad? Perhaps today the wind is feeling cynical and has felt that moment of fleeting nostalgia... or perhaps it's simply nature.

Have you ever seen a leaf roll? Right now I see a lot of them - they think they are wheels. The trees don't seem to mind - maybe a little sad - they were once friends but have long since departed. I think they still like to watch - it seems to amuse them - makes them smile. Another happy moment for their nostalgic memory library. I hope they can hold onto the feeling.

All writing & thoughts copyright © 2003 Stephen Starr