Poetry From The Road Series - Volume 1


Here I sit, drifting in and out of a lonliness -
but the kind of lonliness that is there to keep you company.
Nothing too familiar is awaiting my gaze...
...it only sits...
...and waits...
like me - outside of the sun - waiting to be let back in.




some people will never change
locked into a life that is living them
no way out but ahead and the dreams of a past lest forgotten
it only takes one decision
- to the left -
- to the right -
dream of the greener grass my friends & break free
for it's only a fence and it's easy to climb over or under


You are able to move, dance in the wind...
yet your backdrop is stone.

Is this the way it should be?

Dazzle, sparkle, & shine - throwing the light this way and that.

- you are young -
- showing off -

The stone once moved too, you know!


The day that I didn't care, everything seemed to live in a dream.
Have you ever seen an apple that was orange?
I have.
But oranges are apples and today I feel fine.
I wouldn't mind hiding behind that wall, but it's actually only a long line of toothpaste stream.
If I wanted clean teeth I would be in a world all my own... like that guy!
Look at that smile - rivals the sun - such a brilliant persona - a God!
Would the moon be jealous - or is it just me?


My legs are the tree trunks consumed by minds fire.
A prophet, a wiseman - spurred on by desire.
My thoughts piercing bullets with nothing concealed -
All losing their meaning as I cease turning the wheels.


You hide behind your veil of distance, ready to make an appearance.
An enigma with a hint of truth - too much - I'm here.

I'm waiting!

It's me though - I've created this beautiful tension - I've kept you waiting.

I've kept the world waiting.

But the world can wait... will wait...
You I hold too much respect, you I will see - soon - together!

- we dance our words -

Under the same sultry moon.


I liked it when
we danced our words
meant everything and implied nothing
about our feelings with the ones we loved
we too could be happy!


Hours & hours
of nothingness
and my mind wanders -

Great things are afloat
as I'm whisked away to the Eat Beef capitol of the world.

All writing & thoughts copyright © 2003 Stephen Starr