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Shopping List
1. Angstrom Minerals (possibly David Wolfe's system)
2. Parasite Cleanse Stuff
3. Book: Concious Eating by Gabriel Cousens
September 3rd, 2003 Liver/Gall Bladder Flush #1
Flushed approximately 500 stones... mostly pea sized, although at least two were the size of lima beans (and looked like lima beans, but black). The rest were green. I'm not sure that I felt any better after the flush. I was quite nauseous during the cleanse.
December 5th, 2003 Liver/Gall Bladder Flush #2
This time I flushed a lot less... only about 50 stones. I think I felt and looked better after this flush. More-so than last time. I wasn't as nauseous this time, but still felt a little sick... especially at 4 in the morning.
December 13th, 2003 I have been eating less fruit and more green veggies... especially kale salads (w/ diced apples, pecans or walnuts, and dulse) - yum! I have also been eating a lot of crap; especially christmas candy - fudge, butterfingers, hershey's kisses, chex mix, and chips. Also peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I need to be better about this.

Today I WILL BE vegetarian. No more meat of any kind - seafood included. I haven't had meat since the 11th when I had a tuna salad. Vegan & raw vegan soon to follow. I have been about 80% raw, possibly more... although today I went to Austin with my mom and ate completely cooked.

I started making rejuvelac and I think it will grow on me... good replacement for my beer addiction. I might even bottle it in my used beer bottles. I'm also making sprouted wheat Christmas cookies as a substitue for all of the other crap I've been eating. Not ideal, but a better alternative. Experimenting with sprouted sunflower greens.

My Waldorfe Salad
A BIG bowl of hand torn kale (or other green, or mix)
Freshly grated ginger
Handful of dulse (torn into bite-size pieces)
Diced apple
Crumbled walnuts or pecans
Salad dressing (Drew's Garlic Peppercorn - no wheat or dairy)
Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Mon 15
start bt pm
Tue 16
bt day 2
limit calories
Wed 17
bt day 3
limit calories
Thu 18
bt day 4
gall bladder cleanse #3
Fri 19
bt day 5
eat light
Sat 20 Carrie's Here
bt day 6
limit calories
Sun 21 Holiday Party
bt day 7
free day-eat whatever?!?
Mon 22
bt day 8
start master cleanse
Tue 23
bt day 9
mc day 2
Wed 24
bt day 10
mc day 3
Thu 25 Christmas
bt day 11
mc day 4
Fri 26
bt day 12
mc day 5
Sat 27
bt day 13
mc day 6
Sun 28
bt day 14
mc day 7
Mon 29
finish bt am
mc day 8
Tue 30
mc day 9
Wed 31
mc day 10
Thu 01 New Year's
reintroduce foods
Fri 02
rf day 2
Sat 03
rf day 3 (mc finish)
Sun 04
gall bladder cleanse #4
Mon 05
eat light
Tue 06
start mineral program
start probiotics
Wed 07
Thu 08
Fri 09
Sat 10
Sun 11

December 16th, 2003 I've come up with a 3 week program I will call (for lack of a better term) the Guantlet. A Christmas present to myself, of sorts. I feel good about this, though it will be hard. I'm starting the hardest part, the Master Cleanse, after our holiday party on Sunday. I will be fasting through Christmas and New Year's... ugh!?! I will do it though, I feel good.

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